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Fingerprint Jewellery
Fingerprint Jewellery

In response to parents who demanded an option for carrying around a memento of their little ones, SammyDuder introduced the silver fingerprint range.

This discreet yet luxury range will preserve a single fingerprint in fine silver that can be worn as a unique necklace, bracelet charm or a keyring for Daddy. Suitable for children from 6 months upwards. Silver prints take up to 1 month for collection.

Silver Charms priced from £55

Cufflinks (pair) priced at £130

It is advisable to book in advance so please call us: 020 7223 6377

"I love seeing my children's fingerprints on my charm bracelet each day" - Lucy, Earlsfield

"My husband loves having our daughters fingerprint on his keyring while he is at work" - Sophie, Chelsea