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Foot and Hand Prints

For several years SammyDuder has been perfecting the art of capturing your child's prints and offers the best quality footprints and handprints immortalised on ceramic pieces of your choice. Paints are water based and non-toxic, and the process will cause little discomfort to your little one (some have even been known to sleep through the process!).

Clay Imprints

In addition to painted prints, SammyDuder also offers a clay based range of imprints which offer a 3D edge over the ceramic pieces. Clay pieces also give us flexibility to shape what we want; from paperweights for Daddy's desk to beautiful framed imprints for the kitchen or bedroom.

It is advisable to book in advance so please call us: 020 7223 6377

"This is really the best place in London to get your babies' prints done, all the trained staff were so friendly and the prints are so professional! What an easy experience!" - Sophie, Putney